Press Release 2010 (En)

Proclamation of Maitreya’s Planetary Emergence

A current event unprecedented in history

The Consistory of Zion proclaims the Maitreya’s Planetary Emergence and presents a public lecture including a dozen of topics and a historic speech in the Manor of St. George. It speaks of the noble ideal to fight against the forces of totalitarian aggression in the world, the obligation to find solutions to current problems and the application of techniques to restore the company’s economic, financial, political, religious, ecological, scientific, cultural and artistic civilization.

The rise of radical Islam in the world worried Western civilization. On this occasion, an official discourse of reform Islam is pronounced on the terrace of the Octagon Tower of the Rising Sun. Major reforms of the Muslim religion will be. The fall of totalitarian governments in the lands of Islam is inevitable. Under the divine inspiration of Imam Mahdi, the Consistory urges people living in the land of Islam now claim their rights and fundamental freedoms to replace their totalitarian governments. An important vote took place in the Consistory, to invite the Secret Rider of God to cleanse the lands of Islam against terrorism, to defend the Charter of Rights and issuing Mandatum inviting the Lord Maitreya to intervene in the world.

Avatar global Maitreya publicly agreed to come in civilization. Since January 2009, a large bright star in the sky already announced the first interview with Maitreya on one of American television channels. For the star is clearly visible day and night, four spacecraft of the Space Brothers had set up around the globe. In January 2010, the Lord Maitreya gave his first public interview, not presenting itself as the World Teacher, but simply as a man among men. The advent of Maitreya extraordinary in the world is imminent and unprecedented in history. It will not come alone but accompanied by thousands of Initiates, Discipleship, Masters, Angels and Agents of aliens already working in the embodied world.

The Declaration Day of Maitreya, with the date and time will be publicly announced in advance in the media worldwide. When he presented himself on television, everyone knows it is the Great Lord of Love-Wisdom, the World Teacher, the Head of the Planetary Hierarchy, the Master of the Masters and Angels, the Christ, Christians, Muslims the Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Buddha of the Buddhists, Hindus, Lord Krishna and the Messiah of the Jews.

We are currently experiencing the most extraordinary event in history. The Planetary Hierarchy is embodied in the material down to work publicly in the world. That has not happened since 98,000 years. A great upheaval of civilization is not only announced but it has already begun.

If you want to know the conduct detailed conference, the content of the twelve public submissions and the proclamation of the official discourse of reform in Islam, we invite you to buy ebooks online of Marius Devaud, entitled: The Treasure of Zion and the Official Speech of Reform in Islam.

Excerpt Act VI, Scene II – The Treasure Of Zion (Conference)

Marius Devaud’s Original Work
Work & Publishing : Copyright © 2010 Marius Devaud
(by ProLitteris, Switzerland)

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